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Chris has been involved with the program since 1986 when her daughter, Lindsey, began hippotherapy at the age of 2 to aid her low muscle tone characteristic of Down Syndrome. Over the next 17 years, her role changed from parent to volunteer to instructor and to board member, but always an advocate for the program, having witnessed first-hand the benefits riding had provided for her daughter. In 2004, tragically Lindsey passed away from leukemia after only a month-long battle; she was 10 days shy of her 20th birthday. Lindsey was successful at getting the whole family involved with horses, participating in 4H horse shows with her brother and sister and the family horse, Twizzle. Horses not only aided Lindsey’s health but Chris also credits Twizzle with helping the family with their grief from their loss. Feeling such passion for the program that had helped her family, Chris decided to pursue the General Manager position and began in November 2008. Chris feels that she couldn’t be luckier, being able to do what she loves!

Chris is the Montgomery County Special Olympics Equestrian Team Head Coach and looks forward to the county show and state games each year. Chris holds the Professional Association on Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) certification in Equine Specialist in Mental Health Learning and is a Certified Instructor .

Chris is a co-investigator and instructor for the Riding Free Pilot Study and Program for adolescents with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Chris and Twizzle continue to work and grow together as a team. They competed in their first event in the fall of 2013, but also enjoy trail riding through Evansburg State Park.

Jenny DecJenny Dec

Jenny has been at Sebastian Riding Associates since 2002. Starting as a volunteer, Jenny began instructing in 2003.  Jenny was born in Illinois. She has a Bachelors degree in Equestrian Science. Jenny is also a PATH International Certified Instructor .

Jenny’s connection with horses and riding is extensive. She has trained Arabian show horses, taught amateur riders, and competed up to the National level. Jenny’s personal horse is named Kool Kool Kitty—remember the 1960’s Manhatten Transfer song ‘The Boy From New York City’? “Ooo wah, ooo wah cool, cool kitty Talkin‘ about the boy from New York City!” Kitty has her own theme song!

Other than hanging out with horses, Jenny enjoys hiking in the Canadian Rockies and snorkeling in the Caribbean!

 Jess MoldofskyJessica Buck

You ca n find Jess at SRA on Wednesday evenings.   Jessica is  a longtime   volunteer, as well as an instructor at SRA.   Jessica eagerly began volunteering at SRA    in 2003, on her 13th birthday.  She was attracted to SRA due to her love of horses and her passion  has continued to grow with each day spent at the farm.   Jessica works with the farmers  of Montgomery County through her fulltime position of Ag Conservation Specialist for  the Montgomery County Conservation District.

Jeff EshelmanJeff Eshelman

Jeff started as a volunteer at SRA in 2002 as a horse handler and sidewalker. He’s been an instructor here since March 2004. Jeff is married and has two daughters, both of whom enjoy horses.

Jeff’s involvement with horses is far-reaching, including having been a horse owner of two great horses for several years.

In April 2004, Jeff started volunteering with the Special Olympics Equestrian program. In February 2008, he earned his certification as a Special Olympics Equestrian Coach, and he has been the Head Coach for the Montgomery County Special Olympics Equestrian program since March 2008. Also in 2008, he earned his certification as a PA Qualified Instructor of Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Jeff is a PATH International Certified Instructor, and he continues to hone his skills in instructing, horsemanship and riding through clinics and trainings in Natural Horsemanship (Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli and others) and in Centered Riding (Peggy Brown, Annalie Andersson-Beck, Stephanie Barbarra and others), along with trainings by Special Olympics, PACTH and PATH International.

20170512_155338000_iOS_Becky Fritz bio picBecky Fritz

Becky first got her start with horses as a volunteer at SRA when she was 13 years old. She continued to pursue that love of horses, riding with small local hunter/jumper barns in high school and at Penn State, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, as a member of the Penn State Equestrian team. Becky returned to SRA as an instructor in 2018 and earned the designation of Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH International that October. She is a Certified Special Olympics Equestrian Coach. Sebastian Riding Associates has always felt like home to Becky, and she is grateful to be part of the SRA family. In her spare time, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband, two teenage daughters, and their three horses, Toby, Dancer and Charmer. Recently, Becky has been expanding her knowledge into the discipline of dressage, and she always enjoys a long, relaxing trail ride. Becky is the full time Program Director and an Instructor at SRA.


Lyn started riding at the age of 4 and took formal lessons from the ages of 7-10. Following a hiatus during which she pursued other sports and rode horses only intermittently (she was always the person inquiring if facilities offered English tack for trail riding), she resumed riding more seriously about 6 years ago after meeting a very special horse named “Pro” on a trail ride. Subsequently, a colleague who is an SRA instructor encouraged Lyn to stop by SRA, and she never left.
A Certified Level 1 Centered Riding© instructor and PATH International Certified Instructor,  Lyn currently enjoys taking lessons from 2 trainers. Novice and nervous riders are her specialty. She still rides English on trails.



Casey Pierce

Casey was born and raised in Michigan, just north of Detroit, where she discovered her love of horses at a very young age. She spent summers at her Grandparent’s farm, riding and showing. In 2009, her family moved to Ohio, where Casey found her first therapeutic riding center. “I volunteered at the center side-walking and leading horses. I worked with a gentleman who had suffered traumatic brain injury due to a car accident and witnessed his amazing progress over a year of equine therapy. I was hooked! To combine my love of horses with helping people was just amazing!” In December 2012, Casey and her family relocated to Pennsylvania for her husband’s job. Shortly after, she began volunteering at SRA on Thursday mornings eventually becoming an Assistant Instructor in 2014 and an instructor in the fall of 2016. When not at SRA, Casey is very busy taking care of her family, raising her 2 daughters with her husband of 16 years.


 Cynthia MacFarland

Cyndi was put astride a ‘Dusty Pony’ when she was a toddler and this started a passion with horses for a lifetime. As soon as able, she started out with halter & lead rope in the pasture at play with ‘Pepsi & Scout’, learning. She was introduced to the work at Sebastian Riding Associates in the early days and the Ride-a-thon currently called the Jeopardy Ride. She trained in our arena with Kathy Metz, before SRA moved to the farm. By age 12 she started competing locally with Jumpers at Gwyn Meadows. At the same time, she was studying Pointe ballet with the Jr PA Ballet Company. These experiences combined, Cyndi strives to bring balance & confidence in ground training and in the saddle for SRA students and volunteers. Cyndi earned an Applied Science degree in North Carolina with a focus on Communication Arts. After a long period of traveling abroad as a project manager/programmer for Johnson Matthey and receiving her equine practitioners license in Equine Body Work, she returned to SRA in 2010 as a volunteer.  By this time she had experience with her niece Taylor, disabled with low muscle tone and learning difficulties, and knew the benefits of working with horses. Cyndi’s experiences working with stroke patients, veterans, sport injuries, disabilities and horses brought her back to her favorite farm in support of the programs & devoted staff. She currently enjoys competitive trail riding and challenging obstacles with her cousins as teammates. But most of all, loves sharing the world of horses and the benefits these wonderful creatures have to share with humans. Volunteer Coordinator/PATH Certified Instructor, Autism Certification, Special Olympic Coach.


Ruth Swartz

As a teenager I fell in love with horses, specifically, a senior citizen thoroughbred named Motor Mouth. I know, funny name, but her mother was “Constant Comment.” Motor Mouth taught me everything I know about horses. I became a teacher of riding, and then a teacher of reading,math,science, and social studies. I have been teaching elementary school for 30 years, 28 of those years in second grade. In 1992, I found Sebastian Riding Associates to combine by love of horses and teaching. When my two sons were born, I took some time away from the farm. Many years later, when my boys were old enough to play video games and order Dominoes, I headed back to Sebastian. I’ve enjoyed side walking, leading the horses, and helping out with summer camp. Now I am a PATH certified instructor. I hope I can help the riders learn to love the horses as much as I do.


Becky Ferrier

Becky grew up with horses as part of her family and daily routine.  She learned early in life many of the lessons we instill at Sebastian: animals can teach us responsibility, respect, and teamwork.

She began volunteering at SRA in 2014 by side-walking with lessons and quickly fell in love with the therapeutic side of the equine world. In 2018, she became an Assistant Instructor, and after another year of training with her fellow staff, became an Instructor with some fantastic students!

In her free time, she enjoys hosting friends and family along with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.


Amy Ray

Amy’s love of horses began at an early age. She took lessons at local stables and spent summers at horse camp. Her childhood best friend also had horses at her house and they would ride together frequently. In addition to competing in local shows as a child, Amy competed on an equestrian team with both her graduate and undergraduate programs. Amy has her Master’s in Social Work and worked at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before leaving to start a family of her own. She was always interested in how animals, particularly horses, can be part of a therapeutic healing process. She has helped at two other therapeutic horseback riding programs before finding Sebastian this past year. When she’s not at Sebastian, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and theirs pets.


Liz Moyer

Liz Moyer grew up in Hilltown, Pennsylvania and got her start riding at a small backyard barn. She could be found walking down the barn aisle kissing all the pony noses, not much different from today. As she wanted to advance in her riding and start jumping, she moved to a local hunter/jumper farm. She continue to ride until she went off to college. Liz may have taken a hiatus from riding when she went to college but never from her love of horses. Upon moving back to the area, she found SRA through work and a fellow SRA volunteer. Liz began as an volunteer at SRA and then trained as an assistant instructor. She is now an instructor who is pursuing her PATH Certified International Instructor and Driving Instructor certifications.  She recently begain taking lessons from two different riding instructors and is enjoying her own time back in the saddle. Liz also has the privilege to take driving lessons with SRA’S own Satuii.


 Wendy Brynan

In the spring of 2012, Wendy came to SRA as part of a ‘volunteer day’ with her church. She spent only a couple hours here and she claims that it changed her life. She was so impressed with the staff and the program that she signed up for the clean stalls the very next week. Although you might have seen Wendy volunteering and/or feeding the horses, she has recently completed the training and has ‘graduated’ to Instructor! Wendy enjoys working closely with the horses and students. Although some days are challenging for her physcially, the progress she sees in the students brings tears to her eyes. Wendy shares that she is “married to a wonderful man, has two grown children and a “perfect” granddaughter.” She enjoys gardening, traveling, cooking and loving on her family. She has always loved animals and believes that they can understand when we are upset, worried, sick, or hurt. They have a special place in her heart. Wendy previously owned her own horses for many years, one was a wild mustang. Wendy is excited to continue her in volvement with students of every age as she is ” having so much fun!” She is thankful to be part of the SRA family and instructional staff.


Susan Popp

Susan joined the SRA team in 2017 as a volunteer handling horses and helping with lessons as a side walker and leader.  The combination of students, horses and friendly volunteers has made SRA her favorite place. Growing up, Susan had horses but no formal training. Time at SRA revived her interest in horses and she started taking lessons. She now has two horses and has started showing. Susan became an instructor in 2021 and really enjoys working with the students and watching them grow their riding skills. When she is not at SRA, you can find Susan spending time with her husband, three children, 2 grandchildren and 2 dogs.