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Our Programs

renaissance_haley2_2004Sebastian’s therapeutic program includes children and adults with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional disabilities. The focus of our program is a safe, fun and healthy approach to growth and rehabilitation through equine activities and riding. Offering much more than the traditional riding program, we strive to achieve physical development, socialization and learning through fun activities. We build balance and symmetry, increase reach and range of motion, develop speech and language, thought processes, planning and sequencing. At Sebastian, we instill a great sense of success, confidence and accomplishment in our riders. Not only do Sebastian students learn to ride, they groom, tack and care for their horses. We use quiet and trained horses to meet our riders’ needs. We use special equipment, and provide ASTM-SEI approved helmets with our riders’ safety paramount in all of our activities. Sebastian offers individual lessons so we can best meet the individual needs of our riders.

Sebastian is open seven days a week, with the majority of lessons in the evenings and weekends when we have the most volunteer power. We have 100+ riders, 15 horses, a team of part-time instructors, physical and occupational therapists, and volunteers, managed by a program staff and a Board of Directors. madeline_smokeyTogether our success depends upon the enthusi asm and dedication of our volunteers. Over 50 men, women and teenagers assist our staff in a variety of ways. They help us as side aides and leaders in the riding ring; they aid in grooming and tacking horses; they pitch in with barn and property management, and assist with office duties. We provide orientation and in-service training to help our volunteers understand and handle horses and better respond to the special needs of our riders. Join us, even if you only have as little as an hour a week! We offer our land, our equipment, our horses and our ideals. But most important, we offer ourselves and our love. Healing abounds here…come see for yourself, the joy of a student as he rides down the narrow country trail with his horse. The horse can take him places that his wheelchair cannot go!


Complete set of New Student Aplication Forms.

Print, Compete, Submit to office. Drop off or Email to Chris@sebastianriding.org.